Notes: White Amber, Vanilla Leaves, Sugar, Suede, Cashmere, Gray Amber, Bay Leaves Rum, Ozone, Dry Wood, Sweet Pepper, Sandalwood, Blue Musk, White Musk, Bergamot, Champagne, Mint, Bubble Gum, Pink Pepper, Cedar.
Chamillion Perfume is a unique aroma part of Chamillion multifacet project which combined the EP release and the single, the concert show, the perfume limited edition and the clothing collection by designer Elena Burenina FW 2015-2016, inspired by Beissoul & Einius music.
The composition of the fragrance is built around the legendary Iso E Super synthetic molecule, which adapts to individual skin flavor, complementing it and creating a natural aura around anyonewho is «dressed» in Chamillion. Modern perfume essences for both men and women that increase and exacerbate human feelings, restore the most amazing memories that are hidden in the emotional memory.
Limited perfumes are bottled in tailored custom perfume bottles that resemble laboratory beakers. The idea of this fragrance is brought to life by the perfumer and actor Aistis Mickevičius (FUMparFUM).
Beissoul: «Chamillion» is a game-combination of two words: «chameleon» and «million», symbolizing the elusive, unstoppable spiritual and material circulation, which is not subject to any rules, dogmas, or stereotypes. It's kind of a pulsating cosmic particle, which at the same time can be anywhere in the world for which there are no boundaries in time and space. Everything happens in our heads by means of imagination. And no matter where you are - in your room, in the old museum, or in a crowded store - you are absolutely everything, you have a million particles of your soul and body, circulating in the air like Burenina FW 2015-2016, inspired by Beissoul & Einius music. perfume».