Fashion icons of the electronic stage
The amazing charisma, the plastique, the hypnotic electronics and surreal costumes immediately made their appearances a phenomenon. The experiments with sounds, dances and fashion by this duo of a computer alchemist and a singer with an extraterrestrial, soulful vocal are so seductive and so unpredictable that you lose the sense of ground. It’s said they sound like «the music of the future». «Vogue» and «L'Officiel» magazines give them merit as style icons. They received M.A.M.A. music award as №1 electronic band in Lithuania and reached a shortlist of the British Unsigned Music Awards 2018. Their song «Як ти й сказав» is sung by the entire audience in every venue in Ukraine , and their show at Sziget Festival 2018 has demonstrated the uncommon breathtaking interaction with audience leading to revelation.

Beissoul & Einius are cranks from Vilnius, from head to toe they are art & soul. They are aliens and healers from the video film called «LION». They are the authors of a mini album called «Chamillion», which inspired the «FumParFum» company to create an eponymous perfume. Also, the famous Ukrainian designer Elena Burenina created one of her collections «Chamillion» being inspired by Beissoul & Einius music.

At the beginning of 2017 the duo presented its very own fashion collection Spring/Fall 2017 called «Sharp Sabotage», which includes costumes made of glass. Their show at the awards ceremony of M.A.M.A. Awards was called a «fashion show from out of this planet» and «an evolution of a combination of music, movement and material». Part of the show was the joint performance of B&E and Gaspar, the member of a controversial band Kazaky. Beissoul & Einius were the first performers in the world to create their own collection of clothes and to perform their own music in it.

Beissoul & Einius second avant garde fashion collection «The Power Of Being An Alien» Spring/Fall 2018 was showcased at the end of 2017 within their «Electrofashion Show» in Lithuania. 20 unique costumes made by their own hands became the presentation of images of the people of the future – warriors antagonizing the system, commonplace and boredom by means of their unusual outfits. «Electrofashion Show» became the face of the unique electrofashion genre creating by B&E, the avant garde movement of music and fashion, the ode to a human being, the fantasy and freedom of the latter.

Hold your breath and enjoy the continuation of the electrofashion story of the third Beissoul & Einius long play «White Crow», released in 2019, it should be done live. Beissoul & Einius performances will, undoubtedly, become one of the most magnetic live shows you've ever seen.